Process for Group B

The following Papers will be published in Elsevier Procedia CIRP

They are:

CAT01; CAT02; CAT03; CAT06; CAT07; CAT08; CAT09;
CAT13; CAT15; CAT17;
CAT20; CAT23; CAT24; CAT29;
CAT31; CAT34; CAT35; CAT36; CAT37; CAT38;
CAT40; CAT44; CAT45; CAT47; CAT48;
CAT51; CAT53; CAT56; CAT58;
CAT60; CAT62; CAT66;
CAT72; CAT73; CAT79;
CAT80; CAT84; CAT86;
CAT93; CAT94; CAT98; CAT99; CAT100;


Authors in each group are required to revise their papers and resubmit in order to fulfil the requirements of Journals. The processes for different group are detailed as follows.

STEP1: Revise your paper to adhere to the template of Journal Procedia CIRP (Note that the template differs from the Procedia Engineering).


STEP2: Please submit the revised version (in MS Word file) to before 15th Aug 2012.
Before you submit, please make sure that:

  • It adheres to the template of Journal Procedia CIRP.
    • The layout is same as the sample papers.
    • Authors’ self-checking list has been used to assess the paper.
  • The size of the paper is less than 10M. (For bigger file, please use WinZip, Winrar or Dropbox etc.)
  • English has been checked by a native speaker.
  • All authors have viewed this paper and agreed to be submitted as final version of the paper.

Note 1: it is authors’ responsibility to edit the layout of the papers, this version will be published online directly without further adjustment by the journals.
Note 2: Currently, Elsevier has only provided MS Word template.

STEP3: Check its review online and revise if needed. The submitted papers will be saved online in three temp folders.

  • Folder 1: Under review

The received papers will be placed in this folder. They are going to the review by local organisation committee.

  • Folder 2: need4Revision

The papers in this folder require further revision.

  • Folder 3: Accepted

The papers in this folder are ready to be published.
Note 1: For security reason, those folders are only assessed by the links provided in e-mail. The conference website does not provide any link to them. In addition, authors only can download files, but unable to upload files (please send them by email).
Note 2: It is highly recommend using the authors’ self-checking list before submitting a paper. A paper, which has significantly mistakes (such as layout problems, poor English), will be placed in Folder 2 – need4Revision directly without any comments.
Note 3: Local organisation committee may improve the layout of the papers and place in the accepted folder.
Note 4: Authors should check the final version in the accepted folder.

STEP 4: Sign the copyright agreement online.

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission
21st Sept, 2011
Acceptance notification
24th Oct, 2011
Paper submission
3nd Jan, 2012
Final Paper due deadline
19th Feb, 2012